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Alfa Tandoori Takeaway, 023 92753610, 61 Queen Street, Portsmouth PO13HW

Baffins Indian Takeaway, 023 92655688, 16 Tangier Road, Portsmouth PO36JL

Balti Express, 02392 498142, 6 Park Parade, Leigh Park, Havant PO9

Bay Leaves, 121 Stoke Road, Gosport PO12 1LR

Beijing Chef, 023 92201316, 15 Spur Road, Cosham, Portsmouth PO63DY

Best Kebab, 224 London Road, Portsmouth PO2 9JQ

Bombay Take Away, 023 92619880, 132 Kingston Road, Portsmouth PO27PD

Cafe Balti, 02392 476588, 5 Middle Park Way, Havant PO9

China Garden, 023 92660411, 78 Tangier Road, Portsmouth PO36HU

Chop Suey House, 023 92663390, 192 Kingston Road, Portsmouth PO27LP

City Indian Food Centre, 023 92694325, 299 London Road, Portsmouth PO29HF

C Moon, 023 92611770, 68 New Road, Portsmouth PO27RF

Copnor Take Away, 023 92639639, 147 Copnor Road, Portsmouth PO35BS

Cosham, 023 92380149, 54 Tregaron Avenue, Portsmouth PO62NE

Curry Cottage, 02392 483444, 68 Botley Drive, Leigh Park, Havant PO9

Curry King, 02392 207171, 19 Spur Road, Cosham, Portsmouth PO6

Diamond Chinese Takeaway, 023 92662397, 218 London Road, Portsmouth PO29JQ

Dilan Kebab, 51 Greywell Road, Havant PO9 5AH

Domino’s Pizza, 023 92666600, 53 London Road, Portsmouth PO20BH

Domino’s Pizza, 023 92291291, 63-65 Fratton Road, Portsmouth PO15AE

Eses Kebab & Pizza House, 023 92872525, 29 Fratton Road, Portsmouth PO15AB

Express Grill, 023 92823200, Cascades Shopping Centre, Portsmouth PO14RL

Fillers Sandwich Bar, 023 92679911, 62 London Road, Portsmouth PO20LN

Golden Bridge, 023 92389611, 143 Allaway Avenue, Portsmouth PO64HE

Golden Tree, 023 92694431, 125 New Road, Portsmouth PO27QS

Harbourview, 023 92750931, 15 Queen Street, Portsmouth PO13HL 

Hung Too, 023 92779508, 68 New Road, Portsmouth PO27RF

Indian Ocean Take Away, 023 92824720, 234 Fratton Road, Portsmouth PO15HH

Istanbul Express, 210 Fratton Road, Portsmouth PO1 5HD

Istanbul Grill, 023 92833147, 212 Fratton Road, Portsmouth PO15HD

Jasper Teddyoggies, 023 92677669, 162 Copnor Road, Portsmouth PO35BZ

Jumbo Fishbar, 023 92375817, 9 Portsmouth Road, Cosham, Portsmouth PO62SG

Kam Too, 023 92753104, 44 St Marys Road, Portsmouth PO15PH

Kia’s Kebabs & Pizzas, 023 92811108, 195 Fratton Road, Portsmouth PO15EU

La Bon Baguette, 023 92827315, 13 Crasswell Street, Portsmouth PO11HA

La Croissanterie, 023 92838110, 18 Guildhall Walk, Portsmouth PO12DD

Lebnan, 222/224 Kingston Road, Portsmouth PO2 7LR

Light Chinese Takeaway, 023 92371937, 37 Jubilee Avenue, Portsmouth PO64QN

Lucky Garden, 023 92654762, 341 Copnor Road, Portsmouth PO35EQ

Lunch Box, 023 92690559, 323 Copnor Road, Portsmouth PO35EG

Mai King Take Away, 023 92328168, 151 Havant Road, Drayton, Portsmouth PO62AA

Mamma Mia`s Pizzeria, 126 Kingston Road, Portsmouth PO2
Nash`s Fried Chicken, 38 High Street, Cosham PO6 3BZ

New Heavenly Dragon, 023 92831145, 82 Sultan Road, Portsmouth PO27AS

New Hong Kong, 023 92691952, 222 Twyford Avenue, Portsmouth PO28JG

New India Tandoori Takeaway, 023 92207171, 19 Spur Road, Cosham, Portsmouth PO63DY

New Jumbo, 023 92387599, 2 Highbury Buildings, Portsmouth Road, Portsmouth PO62SN

North End Kebab & Burger House, 023 92673687, 10C London Road, Portsmouth PO20LH

Oriental Express, 023 92826998, 232 Arundel Street, Portsmouth PO11NT

Palomino Pizza & Kebab House, 023 92665121, 224 London Road, Portsmouth PO29JQ

Peking Taste, 023 92831321, 200 Fratton Road, Portsmouth PO15HD

Pizza Go Go, 02392 818180, 55 Osbourne Road, Portsmouth PO5

Pizza Hot 4 U, 02392 736888, 137 Albert Road, Portsmouth PO5

Portafinos, 023 92297198, 3 Cascades, Portsmouth PO14RJ

Portsmouth Grill, 49 Albert Road, Portsmouth PO5 2SF

Po-Young Chinese Takeaway, 023 92750130, 5-5a Commercial Place, Portsmouth PO14DT

Raj, 023 92652658, 124 Kingston Road, Portsmouth PO27PD

Raj Dulal, 02392 820862, 60 Fawcett Road, Southsea PO4

Sang Tong, 0023 92662879, 49 Tangier Road, Portsmouth PO36JQ

San Kebab & Pizza House, 139 Eastney Road, Portsmouth PO4 8DZ

Shahee Tandoori Takeaway, 023 92380535, 7d Hillsley Road, Portsmouth PO64LE

Shalimar Indian Food Centre, 023 92639466, 239 London Road, Portsmouth PO29HA

Shirin Kebab House Restaurant, 023 92699421, 58 Kingston Road, Portsmouth PO27PA

Shopna Tandoori, 023 92668200, 147 New Road, Portsmouth PO27QS

Shukria, 141 Winter Road, Portsmouth PO4 8DR

Singapore Island, 023 92736100, 58 Fratton Road, Portsmouth PO15BX

Sophies Restaurant, 023 92814665, 13 Edinburgh Road, Portsmouth PO11DE

Speedy Pizza & Ken´s kebabs, kebab, 02392 874414, 80/82 Albert Road, Portsmouth PO5

Stamshaw Tandoori Takeaway, 023 92670780, 249 Twyford Avenue, Portsmouth PO28NY

Subway Sandwich, 023 92651551, 76 London Road, Portsmouth PO20LN

The Raj, 02392 652659, 124 Kingston Road, Buckland PO2

Tandoori Palace, 023 92865898, 62 Fratton Road, Portsmouth PO15BX

Tasty Corner, 023 92690234, 240 Kingston Road, Portsmouth PO27LR

Uncle Sams, 023 92797595, 102 London Road, Portsmouth PO20LZ

Wonderful, 023 92667131, 170 Copnor Road, Portsmouth PO35BZ

Yau Wing, 023 92693715, 82 Kingston Road, Portsmouth PO27PA

Zone 2000, 023 92644934, 76 Chichester Road, Portsmouth PO20AD


Risotto s a north Italian rice dish cooked in broth to a creamy consistency. The broth can be derived from meat, fish, or vegetable. Many types of risotto contain butter, wine and onion. It is one of the most common ways of cooking rice in Italy.

Risotto in Italy is normally a primo (first course), served on its own before the main course, but risotto alla milanese is often served together with ossobuco alla milanese.

Indian Curry


History leaves enigmatic messages for future generations to puzzle over. Nursery rhymes, for example, the satirical popular songs of their day, still hold clues to past events and personalities: “Ring-a-ring-a-roses” is actually a description of the onset of The Black Death; “Georgy Porgey”, with his womanising tendencies, was a characature of the Prince Regent, destined to become George IV; and "Peter Piper", who picked a peck of pickled peppers was a real person, one very aptly named Pierre Poivre, a French Diplomat and Governor of Mauritius, and his famous peppers were actually cloves and nutmegs.

Cloves are the dried, unopened flowers of a tropical evergreen tree which was once grown only in the Moluccas. Arab spice merchants guarded the secret of their origin for centuries, as they took them, Eastwards first to China, where, during the Han Dynasty (approx. 300BC) it was mandatory to chew a clove before entering the presence of a royal personage, and then West to ancient Rome, where they acquired their common name, clavus - 'nail', due to their stud-like shape.


Kebab is a wide variety of meat dishes originating in Persia, and a common takeaway food. In English, kebab with no qualification generally refers more specifically to shish kebab served on the skewer or döner kebab served wrapped in bread with a salad and a dressing.

In Persia, however, kebab includes grilled, roasted, and stewed dishes of large or small cuts of meat, or even ground meat; it may be served on plates, in sandwiches, or in bowls. The traditional meat for kebab is lamb. Like other ethnic foods brought by travellers, the kebab has become part of everyday cuisine in UK takeaways.


Indian Curry


Fried chicken (also referred to as Southern fried chicken) is chicken pieces usually from broiler chickens which have been floured or battered and then pan fried, deep fried, or pressure fried - a favourite takeaway dish.

The breading adds a crispy coating or crust to the exterior. What separates fried chicken from other fried forms of chicken is that generally the chicken is cut at the joints and the bones and skin are left intact. Crispy well-seasoned skin, rendered of excess fat, is a hallmark of well made fried chicken.

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