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Ajunta, 023 80581979, 3 Manor Farm Road, Southampton SO181NN

Alamein, 01489 787878, 1 St. Lukes Close, Hedge End, Southampton SO302US

Alamein, 01489 787578, 1 St. Lukes Close, Hedge End, Southampton SO302US

Alf’s, 023 80783493, 24-28 Hollyoak Road, Southampton SO165GD

Annies Tandori, 023 80431468, 45 Bridge Road, Southampton SO197GP

Aphrodite Kebab House, 023 80891805, 39 Long Lane, Holbury, Southampton SO452LG

Apollo Takeaway, 023 80437250, 16 Portsmouth Road, Southampton SO199AA

Avenue Chinese Take-Away, 023 80336340, 67 The Avenue, Southampton SO171XS

Balti Express, Shirley Road, Southampton SO15 3HU

Bamboos 02380 331338, 85-87 Queensway, Southampton SO14

Bangla, 023 80363305, 278 Winchester Road, Southampton SO166TJ

Bengal Paradise, 02380 581979, 3 Manor Farm Raod, Bitterne Park, Southampton SO18
Best Kebab House, 58 Lodge Road Southampton SO14 6RG

Bina Tandoori, 023 80780606, 4 Coxford Drove, Southampton SO165FD

Bitterne Chinese Takeaway, 023 80446008, 7 West End Road, Southampton SO186TE

Blue Sky Takeaway, 023 80552127, 102 Portswood Road, Southampton SO172FW

Canton House, 01489 783920, 2 High Street, Southampton SO142DH

Captain Masalla, 02380 671212, 3 Manor Farm Raod, Bitterne Park, Southampton SO18

Chans, 02380 677106, 194 Burgess Road, Bassett SO16

Charcoal Grill, 023 80873689, 16 Rumbridge Street, Totton, Southampton SO409DP

Charcoal Grill, 023 80557255, 191 Portswood Road, Southampton SO172NF

Charlies, 023 80672333, 1 The Triangle, Cobden Avenue, Southampton SO181FZ

Chefs Take-Away Meals, 023 80677106, 194 Burgess Road, Southampton SO163AY

Chef Take Away, 023 80448519, 13 Portsmouth Road, Southampton SO199BA

China Express, 40 High Road, Southampton SO16 2JF

Chinese Chef, 023 80558557, 494 Portswood Road, Southampton SO173SP

Chopola Tandoori Take Away, 023 80405836, Portsmouth Road, Southampton SO318EP

Chopsticks, 023 80862520, 85c Junction Road, Totton, Southampton SO403BU

Chop Suey House, 023 80445007, 30 Victoria Road, Southampton SO199DX

Chowdhury´s Curry House, 57 High Road, Southampton SO16 2JE

Cobden Kebab & Burger House, 023 80363111, 5 Cobden Avenue, Southampton SO181FY

Curry House, 96 Spring Road, Southampton SO19 2BN

Dersim Pizza & Kebab, 02380 333800, 200 Above Bar Street, Southampton SO14

Dial N Tandoori, Bevois Valley Road, Southampton SO14 0JP
Dominica Pizza, 46 St. Marys Street, Southampton SO14 1NR

Domino’s Pizza, 023 80233633, 65 The Avenue, Southampton SO171XS

Domino’s Pizza, 023 80437743, 447 Bitterne Road, Bitterne Village, Southampton SO185EE

Favourite Pizza, 023 80555520, 200b Burgess Road, Southampton SO163AY

Finla Balti, 023 80473771, 22 Exford Avenue, Southampton SO185DJ

Friendly Kitchen, 023 80732004, Nursling Street, Nursling, Southampton SO160XH

Golden Leaf, 023 80399988, 113 Warren Avenue, Southampton SO166AF

Golden Pond, 023 80776880, 7 Coxford Road, Southampton SO165FG

Golden Pool, 023 80773648, 102 Kendal Avenue, Southampton SO169LY

Golden River, 023 80559460, 30 Manor Farm Road, Southampton SO181NP

Grill on the Hill, 7 Thornhill Park Road, Southampton SO18 5TP

Hamble Kitchen, 023 80454203, 3 Coronation Pde, Hamble, Southampton SO314JT

Happy Garden, 023 80464055, 9 Thornhill Park Road, Southampton SO185TP

Happy Palace, 023 80865144, 65 Commercial Road, Totton, Southampton SO403AH

Herbies Pizza, 02380 443311, 11 West End Road, Bitterne Village, Southampton SO18

Herbies Pizza , 01264 353555, 39 London Street, Andover SP10

Holbury Fish Bar, 023 80893129, 109 Long Lane, Holbury, Southampton SO452ND

Hong Kong Chef, 023 80470470, 7 Townhill Farm Shopping Centre, Southampton SO183NN

Hong Kong Garden, 01489 786184, 4 Lower Northam Road, Southampton SO304FQ

Hong Kong House, 023 80772192, 121 Foundry Lane, Southampton SO153GB

Hongkong Kitchen, 023 80472088, 41 Melchet Road, Southampton SO185GW

H Palace, 1 Manor Farm Road, Southampton SO18 1NN

Hudsons Caribbean, 44 Saint Mary Street, Southampton SO14 1NR

Jade Gardens, 85-87 Queensway, Southampton SO14 3HJ
Jewel in the Crown, 303-305 Shirley Road, Shirley SO15 3HU

Jumbo House, 023 80292862, 165 Lyndhurst Road, Ashurst, Southampton SO407AR

Kam Ling Takeaway, 023 80229134, 120 Shirley Road, Southampton SO153FD

Kebab House, 023 80220877, 42b London Road, Southampton SO152AH

Kebab Junction, 023 80555055, 265 Portswood Road, Southampton SO172LA

Khayam Pizza, 023 80556577, 42 High Road, Southampton SO162JF

Kin Shing, 023 80452934, 31 Victoria Road, Netley Abbey, Southampton SO315DG

Lala Curry Master, 023 80220385, 48 St. Marys Road, Southampton SO140BH

Maxim Fast Food, 023 80220151, 159 High Street, Southampton SO142BT

Maxims, 023 80771578, 16 Shirley High Street, Southampton SO153NH

Mayflower Chinese Takeaway, 023 80894623, Unit 2 Holbury Grove, Southampton SO451PJ

Mega Bites, 38 High Road, Southampton SO16 2JF

Papa Pizza, 023 80788488, 8 Shirley High Street, Southampton SO153NH

Peking Garden, 023 80332455, 110-112 Lodge Road, Southampton SO146RF

Peking Gourmet, 023 80448088, 4 Victoria Road, Southampton SO199DX

Peking Kitchen, 023 80399968, 66 Warburton Road, Southampton SO196HQ

Peony, 023 80474975, 52 High Street, West End, Southampton SO303DR

Perfect Pizza & Chicken, 02380 777445, 334 Shirley Road, Southampton SO15

Peri Peri BBQ Chicken, Saint Mary Street, Southampton SO14 1NX

Pete’s Place Pizza, 023 80449875, 2 Station Road, Southampton SO198HH

Petrony’s Pizza, 023 80667743, 50 Commercial Road, Totton, Southampton SO403AG

Pizza Box, 42 High Rd, Southampton SO16 2JF

Pizza Go Go, 02380 704060, 423 Millbrook Road, Southampton so15

Pizza Hot 4 U, 02380 225888, 48 St Marys Road, Southampton SO14

Pizza Hot 4 U, 02380 555055, 265 Portswood Road, Postswood, Southampton SO17

Pizza House, 02380 333800, 200 Above Bar Street, Southampton SO14

Pizza Party, 58 Lodge Road, Southampton SO14 6RG

Pleasure Garden, 023 80678307, 198 Burgess Road, Southampton SO163AY

Portswood Chinese, 023 80557068, 238 Portswood Road, Southampton SO172LE

Premier, 023 80703002, 10 Park Street, Southampton SO164RJ

Rajdhani Indian Cuisine, 02380 231002, 21 Bevois Valley Rd, Southampton SO14

Raj Of India, 023 80236996, 186 Bitterne Road, West, Southampton SO181BE

Red Planet Pizza, 12 Bridge Road, Southampton SO19 7GQ

Sals Kebab House, 023 80332010, 108 St. Marys Road, Southampton SO140AN

Sandwich Box, 023 80639767, 72a The Avenue, Southampton SO171XS

Sanjha, 296 Shirley Road, Southampton SO15 3HL

Sarda Indian Takeaway, 023 80891870, 179 Hampton Lane, Southampton SO451XA

Shahi Balti, 023 80553355, 66 High Road, Southampton SO162HZ

Shahi Tandoori, 023 80227499, 49 Lodge Road, Portswood, Southampton SO146RL

ShakeAway, 023 80332155, Unit 24/Bargate Shopping Centre, Southampton SO142YD

Shalimar Food Express, 204 Shirley Road, Southampton SO15 3FL

Silver River, 01489 895043, 1 Merlin Mews, Houchin Street, Southampton SO321AR

Simla Indian Take Away, 023 80775853, 133 Rownhams Rd, Southampton SO165ED

Sizzlers, 023 80474040, 3a High Street, West End, Southampton SO303AA

Smokey Pizza, 15 Portswood Rd, Southampton SO17 2ES

Snax, 023 80894922, 7 Calshot Road, Fawley, Southampton SO451DW

Southampton Curry House, 023 80333920, St. Mary Street, Southampton SO141PG

South Ocean, 023 80554110, 98 High Road, Southampton SO162HZ

Spice of Delhi, 45 Bridge Road, Woolston, Southampton SO19 7GP

Spice Tree, 02380 486935, 226 Shirley Road, Southampton SO15

Sun On, 023 80772021, 322 Shirley Road, Southampton SO153HJ

Super Pizza, 02380 634533, 90 St Marys Road, Southampton SO14

Super Wok, 023 80908882, 330 Shirley Road, Southampton SO153HJ

Sweet & Sour, 023 80840822, Unit A, Beaulieu Road, Dibden Purlieu, Southampton SO454JH

Tehani Indian Takeaway, 130 St Mary Street, Southampton SO14
Tandoori Kebab, Bevois Valley, Southampton SO14 0JP

Taste Of India, 023 80677669, 196 Burgess Road, Southampton SO163AY

Tasty House, 023 80732375, 94 Botley Road, North Baddesley, Southampton SO529DW

Thai2go, 023 80333933, 203 Shirley Road, Southampton SO153FJ

Ting Ting, 023 80480088, 4 Canute Road, Southampton SO143FH

Twisted Cuisine Thai & Italian, 02380 771001, 15 St James Road, Southampton SO15 5FB

Top Wok, 02380 570955, 52 Hight Road, Southampton SO16

Valentines, 023 80220479, 44 Oxford Street, Southampton SO143DP

Zorbas, 023 80632294, 18 Bedford Place, Southampton SO152DB  


A meat chop is a cut of meat cut perpendicularly to the spine, and usually containing a rib or riblet part of a vertebra and served as an individual portion.

The most common kinds of meat chops are pork and lamb. A thin boneless chop, or one with only the rib bone, may be called a cutlet, though the difference is not always clear. The term "chop" is not usually used for beef, but a T-bone steak is essentially a loin chop, and a rib steak a rib chop..

Indian Curry


Popcorn, also known as popping corn, is a type of corn (maize, Zea mays var. everta) that expands from the kernel and puffs up when heated. Popcorn is able to pop because, like amaranth grain, sorghum, quinoa, and millet, its kernels have a hard moisture-sealed hull and a dense starchy interior. When heated, pressure builds within the kernel, and a small explosion (or "pop") is the end result. Some strains of corn are now cultivated specifically as popping corns.

There are various techniques for popping corn. Along with prepackaged popcorn, which is generally intended to be prepared in a microwave oven, there are small home appliances for popping corn. These methods require the use of minimally processed popping corn..


Kebab is a wide variety of meat dishes originating in Persia, and a common takeaway food. In English, kebab with no qualification generally refers more specifically to shish kebab served on the skewer or döner kebab served wrapped in bread with a salad and a dressing.

In Persia, however, kebab includes grilled, roasted, and stewed dishes of large or small cuts of meat, or even ground meat; it may be served on plates, in sandwiches, or in bowls. The traditional meat for kebab is lamb. Like other ethnic foods brought by travellers, the kebab has become part of everyday cuisine in UK takeaways.


Indian Curry


Chicken Korma is a dish that comes from Mughlai cuisine where it was cooked for the wealthy and has a prestigious status associated with the royal courts.

There is so much about this dish that I could tell you, but the main thing is that if you don't like the heavy, sweet, creamy korma curries served in restaurants then please, please, please try this. It is simply amazing. It's light, it's fresh and has a subtle sweetness which comes from the cassia bark rather than spoonfuls of processed sugar. 

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