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Ahmed Tandoori Takeaway, 01993 708090, 7a Eagle Ind Est., Church Green, Witney OX28 4YR


American Pizza, 01993 700222, Ducklington Service Station, Ducklington Lane, Witney OX28 4TT


Asia, 01993 704288, 49 Corn Street, Witney OX28 6BT


Balti Tandoori, 01993 708708, 4-5 Minster Ind Est., Downs Road, Witney OX29 0QS


Domino’s Pizza, 01993 700666, Witney Service Station, Welch Way, Witney OX28 6JL


Far East House, 01993 704357, 114 Corn Street, Witney OX28 6BU


Golden Palace Chinese Take Away, 01993 776679, 3 The Neighbourhood Centre, Witney 


Massala Cuisine, 01993 700237, 355c Thorney Leys, Witney OX28 5NP


Peking Chef, 01993 776612, 2 Edington Square, Witney OX28 5YP


Sandwich De Witney, 01993 703351, 48 Market Sqare, Witney OX28 6AL   

  Shaan Restaurant & Takeaway, 01993 703674, 12 Corn Street, Witney OX8 7BL

Solan Goose Sandwich Deli, 01993 700848, 40a Corn Street, Witney OX28 6BS


Whitney Kebab House, 01993 774645, 19 Corn Street, Witney OX28 6DB


A meat chop is a cut of meat cut perpendicularly to the spine, and usually containing a rib or riblet part of a vertebra and served as an individual portion.

The most common kinds of meat chops are pork and lamb. A thin boneless chop, or one with only the rib bone, may be called a cutlet, though the difference is not always clear. The term "chop" is not usually used for beef, but a T-bone steak is essentially a loin chop, and a rib steak a rib chop..

Indian Curry


Popcorn, also known as popping corn, is a type of corn (maize, Zea mays var. everta) that expands from the kernel and puffs up when heated. Popcorn is able to pop because, like amaranth grain, sorghum, quinoa, and millet, its kernels have a hard moisture-sealed hull and a dense starchy interior. When heated, pressure builds within the kernel, and a small explosion (or "pop") is the end result. Some strains of corn are now cultivated specifically as popping corns.

There are various techniques for popping corn. Along with prepackaged popcorn, which is generally intended to be prepared in a microwave oven, there are small home appliances for popping corn. These methods require the use of minimally processed popping corn..


Kebab is a wide variety of meat dishes originating in Persia, and a common takeaway food. In English, kebab with no qualification generally refers more specifically to shish kebab served on the skewer or döner kebab served wrapped in bread with a salad and a dressing.

In Persia, however, kebab includes grilled, roasted, and stewed dishes of large or small cuts of meat, or even ground meat; it may be served on plates, in sandwiches, or in bowls. The traditional meat for kebab is lamb. Like other ethnic foods brought by travellers, the kebab has become part of everyday cuisine in UK takeaways.


Indian Curry


Chicken Korma is a dish that comes from Mughlai cuisine where it was cooked for the wealthy and has a prestigious status associated with the royal courts.

There is so much about this dish that I could tell you, but the main thing is that if you don't like the heavy, sweet, creamy korma curries served in restaurants then please, please, please try this. It is simply amazing. It's light, it's fresh and has a subtle sweetness which comes from the cassia bark rather than spoonfuls of processed sugar. 

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