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Al-Amin Tandoori, 01372 742278, 4 Pound Lane, Epsom KT19 8RY


American Rice, 01372 724677, 7 West Street, Epsom KT18 7RL


Anatolia, 01372 722422, 51 Upper High Street, Epsom KT17 4RA

Bayleaves, 364 Kingston Road, Ewell KT19 0DT


Botan kebabs, kebab, 01372 749561, 32a Waterloo Road, Epsom KT19 8EX


China Kitchen, 020 83932061, 399 Kingston Road, Epsom KT19 0BT


Chutney, 020 87868781, 61 Poole Road, Epsom KT19 9SQ


Curry Master, 020 87868331, 403 Kingston Road, Epsom KT19 0BT


Dinner Box, 01372 740666, 25 Pound Lane, Epsom KT19 8RY


Domino’s Pizza, 01372 727273, 7 Upper High Street, Epsom KT17 4QY


Ewell Kitchen, 020 83978338, 476 Chessington Road, Epsom KT19 9ES


Fortune House, 020 83940635, 218a Chessington Road, Ewell, Epsom KT19 9XA


Golden Bull Grill, 020 83935199, 195a Kingston Road, Epsom KT19 0AB


Good & Plenty, 020 87867464, 38 High Street, Ewell, Epsom KT17 1RW


Go Sing, 020 83930888, 86 Chessington Road, Epsom KT19 9UR


Gourmet Oriental, 01372 739999, 111 Hollymoor Lane, Epsom KT19 9JZ


Hing Yip, 01372 723792, 14 East Street, Epsom KT17 1HH


Hippo Pizza, 01372 748000, 53 Upper High Street, Epsom KT17 4RA

La Luna, 37 Staneliegh, Broadway, Kingston kt17 2gi


Mei House, 01372 727673, 33 Upper High Street, Epsom KT17 4QY


Mithali, 020 83932244, 182 Kingston Road, Epsom KT19 0SF


Pangs Takeaway, 01372 729237, 33 Upper High Street, Epsom KT17 4QY


Papa Onassis, 01372 724059, 7 West Street, Epsom KT18 7RL

Pizza Go Go, 184 Kingston Road, Ewell KT19 0SF

Rice & Spice, 7B Manor Green Road, Epsom KT19 8RA


Sams, 01372 739677, 78 East Street, Epsom KT17 1HF

Sri Krishna Inn, 332 Kingston Road, Surrey KT19 0DT

Stoneleigh Brasserie, 17/19 The broadway, Stoneleigh, Epsom KT17 2JA


Sunhing Chinese Take Away, 020 83938478, 213 Kingston Road, Epsom KT19 0AB


Surrey Palace, 020 83936733, 207 Kingston Road, Epsom KT19 0AB

Thailand, 207 Kingston Road, Epsom KT19 0AB


Yin’s, 01372 721386, 123 East Street, Epsom KT17 1EJ


Risotto s a north Italian rice dish cooked in broth to a creamy consistency. The broth can be derived from meat, fish, or vegetable. Many types of risotto contain butter, wine and onion. It is one of the most common ways of cooking rice in Italy.

Risotto in Italy is normally a primo (first course), served on its own before the main course, but risotto alla milanese is often served together with ossobuco alla milanese.

Indian Curry


History leaves enigmatic messages for future generations to puzzle over. Nursery rhymes, for example, the satirical popular songs of their day, still hold clues to past events and personalities: “Ring-a-ring-a-roses” is actually a description of the onset of The Black Death; “Georgy Porgey”, with his womanising tendencies, was a characature of the Prince Regent, destined to become George IV; and "Peter Piper", who picked a peck of pickled peppers was a real person, one very aptly named Pierre Poivre, a French Diplomat and Governor of Mauritius, and his famous peppers were actually cloves and nutmegs.

Cloves are the dried, unopened flowers of a tropical evergreen tree which was once grown only in the Moluccas. Arab spice merchants guarded the secret of their origin for centuries, as they took them, Eastwards first to China, where, during the Han Dynasty (approx. 300BC) it was mandatory to chew a clove before entering the presence of a royal personage, and then West to ancient Rome, where they acquired their common name, clavus - 'nail', due to their stud-like shape.


Kebab is a wide variety of meat dishes originating in Persia, and a common takeaway food. In English, kebab with no qualification generally refers more specifically to shish kebab served on the skewer or döner kebab served wrapped in bread with a salad and a dressing.

In Persia, however, kebab includes grilled, roasted, and stewed dishes of large or small cuts of meat, or even ground meat; it may be served on plates, in sandwiches, or in bowls. The traditional meat for kebab is lamb. Like other ethnic foods brought by travellers, the kebab has become part of everyday cuisine in UK takeaways.


Indian Curry


Fried chicken (also referred to as Southern fried chicken) is chicken pieces usually from broiler chickens which have been floured or battered and then pan fried, deep fried, or pressure fried - a favourite takeaway dish.

The breading adds a crispy coating or crust to the exterior. What separates fried chicken from other fried forms of chicken is that generally the chicken is cut at the joints and the bones and skin are left intact. Crispy well-seasoned skin, rendered of excess fat, is a hallmark of well made fried chicken.

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