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All 4 One, 0191-514 2223, 17 Olive St, Sunderland SR13PE

Al Pacino, 131 Church Street North, Sunderland SR6 0DT


Apadana Delivery Service, 0191-564 2020, 41 Holmeside, Sunderland SR13JE

Bengal Dream, 4 Albion Place, Sunderland SR1 3NG

Bengal Spice, 21 Melbourne Place, Sunderland SR4 8LN


Big Macs, 0191-548 8653, 48 The Green, Southwick, Sunderland SR52HY


Buy Ours, 0191-549 8844, Unit 9f/Riverside Rd, Sunderland SR53JG


Caesar, 0191-565 9999, 179 Chester Rd, Sunderland SR47JA


Canton House, 0191-567 0022, 24 Cairo St, Sunderland SR28QH


Castle Tandoori, 0191-549 1011, 7 Davison Terr, Sunderland SR52DL


Castle Tandoori, 0191-516 8426, 7 Davison Terr, Sunderland SR52DL


Chengs Chop Suey House, 0191-548 1204, 4 Rawmarsh Rd, Sunderland SR55HF


Chester Tandoori, 0191-510 8836, 169 Chester Rd, Sunderland SR47JA


Chester Tandoori, 0191-510 8835, 169 Chester Rd, Sunderland SR47JA


China City, 0191-548 7770, 37 Carley Rd, Southwick, Sunderland SR52RP


China Garden, 0191-528 5820, 12 Silksworth La, Sunderland SR31LL


Chinese Kitchen, 0191-565 8676, 105 Stannington Gro, Sunderland SR29JT

Chom Chom Spice, Unit 15, Pennywell Shopping Centre, Sunderland SR4 9AS


Country Kitchens, 0191-510 1562, 60 Villette Rd, Sunderland SR28RW


Curry Express, 0191-567 2223, 179 Hylton Rd, Sunderland SR47YE

Devitos, 57 Castlereagh Street, Sunderland SR3 1HL

Dominica Takeaway, 0191-534 3197, 15a Railway Terr, Sunderland SR40PE


Dominick Pizzia, 0191-521 4445, 30b Ellesmere Ct, Sunderland SR29TR


East Garden, 0191-548 7665, 31 Sea Rd, Fulwell, Sunderland SR69BS


Eurasia Tandoori, 0191-514 1682, 28A Beachville St, Sunderland SR47NA


Filling Station, 0191-565 7828, 1 Eden House Rd, Sunderland SR47LB


Fish Bar, 0191-419 4929, The Galleries/Washington Centre, Washington NE387RR


Fonapizza, 0191-510 3131, 2 North Bridge St, Sunderland SR51AD


Fountain Garden, 0191-528 7427, 61 Queens Cres, Sunderland SR47JH


Full Monty, 0191-567 6787, 51 Hylton Rd, Sunderland SR47AF


Fulwell Tandoori Chef, 0191-549 6016, 119 Fulwell Rd, Sunderland SR69QP


Gills Redmonds, 0191-548 1499, 25 Redmond Rd, Sunderland SR55PJ

Golden Chef, Borough Road, Sunderland SR1 1PF

Gourmet, 0191-548 0081, 45 Cockermouth Rd, Sunderland SR53LU

Grangetown Tandoori, 0191-565 3704, 1 Stockton Terr, Sunderland SR29RQ


Grangetown Tandoori, 0191-565 5984, 1 Stockton Terr, Sunderland SR29RQ


Grindon Chef, 0191-534 8888, 9 Galashiels Rd, Sunderland SR48JJ


Happy Valley, 0191-528 5529, 53-54 Ettrick Gro, Sunderland SR34AW


Hong Kong, 0191-416 0293, 2 Heworth Rd, Washington NE372PY


Hot Peperoni, 0191-514 3000, 7 North Bridge St, Sunderland SR51AD


Hunky Chuncky's, 0191-565 1444, 15 Derwent St, Sunderland SR13NU


Hylton Chop Suey House, 0191-565 7187, 229 Hylton Rd, Sunderland SR47XA

Hylton Tandoori, 0191-565 2566, 23 Hylton Rd, Sunderland SR47AF


Indian Express, 0191-417 1101, Gayton Rd, Washington NE373BW


Indian Style, 0191-520 1988, 4 Silksworth La, Sunderland SR31LL


Indian Style, 0191-520 1989, 4 Silksworth La, Sunderland SR31LL


J K'S Takeaway, 0191-565 6111, St. Thomas St, Sunderland SR11NW


Julietta Pizzeria, 0191-565 0976, 151 Roker Av, Sunderland SR60HQ


Kitty's Kitchens, 0191-523 8006, 18 Ryhope St South, Sunderland SR20RN


Kongs Chinese Take Away, 0191-520 1315, 41 Allendale Rd, Sunderland SR33DE


Koochini, 0191-510 9931, 6 Vine Pl, Sunderland SR13NE


La Dolce Vita, 0191-567 5000, 17 Roker Av, Sunderland SR60BY


Ling Sun, 0191-567 1404, 4b Vine Pl, Sunderland SR13NE


Lucky House, 0191-564 1763, 18 Derwent St, Sunderland SR13NU


Lucky Star, 0191-534 2367, 11 Railway Terr, Sunderland SR40PA


Luk Kee, 0191-415 5460, 18 Speculation Pl, Washington NE372AP


Manhattan Pizza Co, 0191-510 9740, 199 Hylton Rd, Sunderland SR47YE


Maxims, 0191-528 4051, 29-30 Melbourne Pl, Sunderland SR48LN


McKeith George, 0191-514 4859, 171 Chester Rd, Sunderland SR47JA


Miah S, 0191-522 5500, 144 Allendale Rd, Sunderland SR33DZ


Ming Gardens, 0191-521 1328, 8 Blind La, Sunderland SR31AT


Moghul's Kitchen, 0191-565 8080, 15 Martin Ter, Sunderland SR46JD


Moonlight Tandoori, 0191-520 3773, 52 Ettrick Gro, Sunderland SR34AW


Murtha H, 0191-565 7347, 70 St Lukes Terr, Pallion, Sunderland SR27BN


New Broadway, 0191-528 7877, 93 The Broadway, Sunderland SR48PA


New Jade, 0191-548 8571, 8 The Green, Southwick, Sunderland SR52JE


New Roker House, 0191-567 6910, 56 Roker Av, Sunderland SR60HT


Oriental Experience, 0191-567 8483, 85 Chester Rd, Sunderland SR47EZ


Peters Chinese Takeaway, 0191-567 6600, 187 Hylton Rd, Sunderland SR47YE

PFC, 17a Borough Road, Sunderland SR1 1EQ

Pizza 2000, 51 St. Lukes Terrace, Sunderland SR4 6NF


Pizza King, 0191-567 3167, 17 Holmeside, Sunderland SR13JE


Pizza Oven, 0191-528 7412, 13a President Carter Centre, Sunderland SR32NE

Pizza Palace, 265 Southwick Road, Sunderland SR5 2AB

Pizza Uno, 0191-510 0176, 51 St Lukes Terr, Sunderland SR46NF


Pizza Warehouse, 0191-565 0000, Unit 13/Hendon Rd, Sunderland SR28AS


Pizzerama, 0191-567 4455, Hylton Rd, Sunderland SR47XT

Planet Pizza, 0191-523 7323, 3 Blind La, Silksworth, Sunderland SR31AU


Pop's Sandwich House, 0191-565 7877, 2 Neville Rd, Sunderland SR46QT


Prime International, 0191-567 3167, 17 Holmeside, Sunderland SR13JE


Puccini, 0191-534 5397, 9 Galashiels Rd, Grindon, Sunderland SR48JJ

Rezza Pizza, 89 Ryhope Street South, Sunderland SR2 0AG

Ricci Takeaway, 0191-514 2632, 36 Holmeside, Sunderland SR13HY


Roker Tandoori Take Away, 0191-510 3790, 170 Roker Av, Sunderland SR60HQ


Salamas, 0191-567 6109, 127 Church Street North, Sunderland SR60DR


Sandwich Shop, 0191-565 7077, 34-38 Holmeside, Sunderland SR13HY


Sandwich World, 0191-510 2606, 9 Whitehall Terr, Sunderland SR47SW

Shans Balti House, 1 Tunstall village Road, Sunderland SR3 2BY


Sonargao Indian Takeaway, 0191-514 2347, 51 Villette Rd, Sunderland SR28RD


Sonargao Indian Takeaway, 0191-564 1844, 51 Villette Rd, Sunderland SR28RD


Sorrento Pizzeria, 0191-523 7771, 89 Ryhope St South, Sunderland SR20AG

Spice 1, 64 St. Lukes Terrace, Sunderland SR4 6NF

Spice Island Pizzeria, 94 Ryhope Street, Sunderland SR2 0AG

Swallow Inn, 0191-567 8456, 49 Villette Rd, Sunderland SR28RD


Takyee Chop Suey House, 0191-567 8874, 62 St Lukes Terr, Sunderland SR46NF


Villa Roma, 0191-516 0173, 12 Beaumont St, Sunderland SR52JT


Welcome Inn, 0191-565 6195, 131 Chester Rd, Sunderland SR47HG

Zaan Pizza, Unit 5, Castellian Road, Sunderland SR5 3BE


Zeba Balti, 0191-567 9639, 61 Hylton Rd, Sunderland SR47AF


A meat chop is a cut of meat cut perpendicularly to the spine, and usually containing a rib or riblet part of a vertebra and served as an individual portion.

The most common kinds of meat chops are pork and lamb. A thin boneless chop, or one with only the rib bone, may be called a cutlet, though the difference is not always clear. The term "chop" is not usually used for beef, but a T-bone steak is essentially a loin chop, and a rib steak a rib chop..

Indian Curry


Popcorn, also known as popping corn, is a type of corn (maize, Zea mays var. everta) that expands from the kernel and puffs up when heated. Popcorn is able to pop because, like amaranth grain, sorghum, quinoa, and millet, its kernels have a hard moisture-sealed hull and a dense starchy interior. When heated, pressure builds within the kernel, and a small explosion (or "pop") is the end result. Some strains of corn are now cultivated specifically as popping corns.

There are various techniques for popping corn. Along with prepackaged popcorn, which is generally intended to be prepared in a microwave oven, there are small home appliances for popping corn. These methods require the use of minimally processed popping corn..


Kebab is a wide variety of meat dishes originating in Persia, and a common takeaway food. In English, kebab with no qualification generally refers more specifically to shish kebab served on the skewer or döner kebab served wrapped in bread with a salad and a dressing.

In Persia, however, kebab includes grilled, roasted, and stewed dishes of large or small cuts of meat, or even ground meat; it may be served on plates, in sandwiches, or in bowls. The traditional meat for kebab is lamb. Like other ethnic foods brought by travellers, the kebab has become part of everyday cuisine in UK takeaways.


Indian Curry


Chicken Korma is a dish that comes from Mughlai cuisine where it was cooked for the wealthy and has a prestigious status associated with the royal courts.

There is so much about this dish that I could tell you, but the main thing is that if you don't like the heavy, sweet, creamy korma curries served in restaurants then please, please, please try this. It is simply amazing. It's light, it's fresh and has a subtle sweetness which comes from the cassia bark rather than spoonfuls of processed sugar. 

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